Friday, July 13, 2012

Angel's Envy

Ed Roberts from was over for dinner last night with his family. Not only did Ed bring the beer for the cookout, two spectacular bottles, but he also let me borrow a few selections from his fine spirits cabinet, including this bottle of Angel's Envy Bourbon. In addition to this beautiful shapely bottle saying "From the Cellars of Lincoln Henderson", this one was actually personalized to Ed by the man himself! "4/8/12 Ed, Thanks so much for your support, Lincoln Henderson" Yeah, very, very cool!

The back of the bottle has a pair of angel's wings, and there is a label on the side, hand numbered, that this is from Batch 25, Bottle No. 2069. A story follows, confirming this is a small-batch bourbon, each batch individually tasted. Oh, yeah. The really interesting thing about this Bourbon is that it was finished in Port Casks. Very unique! 43.3% alcohol.

I tried a sample last night while Ed was here, so it was no shock just how wonderful this was going be when I started this thoughtful review. What an excellent aroma. Fragrant and sweet, full of honey and maple and vanilla. Nuances of wood and spice trail, perhaps a hint of port too.

Maple syrup flavors start and offer a long lasting and wonderful sweet flavor. Vanilla is just terrific as well. As for the Port finish contribution, it is much more pronounced in the flavor profile, imparting some cherry and spiciness. Sweet corn balanced by some alcohol heat. More spice, a little peppery. Very enjoyable. I loved the flavors. Just wow! Definitely the spirit that will make you switch!

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