Monday, July 9, 2012

Appleton Estate Reserve

After having an awesome experience with Appleton Estate rums at the Miami Rum Renaissance a few months back, I reached out to their agency and was provided with a sample of Appleton Estate Reserve along with loads of information about the product. This is a Jamaican rum distilled and produced by J. Wray & Nephew Limited. Appleton Estate Reserve is a blend of 20 rums, producing "a product that 'needs nothing' and yet elevates the elegance of any cocktail".

Appleton Estate rums are estate distilled. After aging in oak barrels, Master Blender Joy Spence crafts the final rum blends to be offered. The bottle shows a small picture of the Appleton property in Jamaica, very tropical. Imported and distributed in the US by Kobrand Corporation. 40% alcohol.

Buttery aroma with honey and orange in the beginning. After enjoying the scent for a while, some caramel and wood began to creep into the mix. Spicy too.

Flavors are sweet with butterscotch from the onset. Very pleasant introduction. Some orange fruitiness came next only to be replaced by a distinct graham cracker type of flavor, even pie crust. Honey and almonds, also really nice, come more toward the end and last long on the palate.

Texture is amazingly silky and delicate. There is good spiciness and warmth throughout, with just a minor burn. Really nice rum. Very enjoyable experience, easily one that could make this the spirit that will make you switch!

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