Thursday, July 5, 2012

Brugal Extra Viejo

Our neighbor recently visited the Dominican Republic for a vacation and brought back a 350 mL bottle of Brugal Extra Viejo as a gift for my wife. Since she is at the beach and not here this afternoon, I decided it would be safe to crack open the bottle and check it out.

The bottle doesn't indicate age in years beyond its "Extra Viejo" statement, but I did see several references to it being a blend of rums, some reaching eight years in the barrel. The bottle is presented with a white rope netting around it and tied off at the bottom. Very cool. The front label also says Ron Dominicano and  Reserva Familiar. On the back a short story, in Spanish. I'm guessing even non-Spanish speakers can get the gist of what they are saying...

"Extra Viejo: Desde 1888, cinco generaciones de maestros roneros elaborando uno de los mejores rones envejecidos del mundo." The website listed on the bottle does NOT work so here's the one Google suggested I try instead. Looks right.

Nice aroma of vanilla and oak. After a few minutes of smelling, I convinced myself of some hazelnuts in the bouquet. The flavors were slightly different than what the nose told me was coming. Oak and cinnamon are strong in the beginning. Vanilla comes next, also a fairly big flavor contributor.

As you relax and contemplate this rum, you will start to taste some leather flavors. A little drier. That dryness works well with a rum that is on the sweeter side throughout.  I kept sipping and thinking about those sweeter flavors and came to the conclusion that I was of course tasting lightly nutty hazelnuts coated with honey, not overwhelming but there and pleasant.

Some spiciness shows at the end along with some heat from the 37.5% alcohol. A light burn on the palate exists, though it stops there and never goes to the throat or chest. Nice body but not syrupy. Loved the smooth texture. The finish is more wood and oak and spice. Very enjoyable, and for the $24 you can buy a 750 mL bottle at Total Wine, nice value. Is Brugal Extra Viejo the spirit that will make you switch? Try some and find out!

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