Friday, July 6, 2012

Camus Borderies XO Cognac

I already told you the story about how Camus Cognacs gave me the final inspiration needed to start this website. Well, even as I was asking for second pours of their awesome Extra Elegance, Camus Representative Alexandra Albu was giving me gifts for later, including a sample of their Camus Borderies XO Cognac.

So even though I already chimed in on the awesomeness of this Cognac, Alex's gift has given me the opportunity to take some photographs and mostly just take my time to look at and think about the aromas and flavors offered by this Cognac. Instead of 10 minutes, I had an hour or longer to be seduced! Hope the wife doesn't walk in to see this!

Borderies refers to the smallest and most-respected grape-growing region in Cognac. It is also the home to the Camus family estate and vineyards, where they own around 80% of the property. This heritage has allowed the family to create the only single-cru Cognac available. I believe I heard Alex call refer to Borderies XO as the family's "Crown Jewel'. It should also be noted that Borderies XO is aged for an average of 35 years.

Maison Camus from the Camus website.

You can see my nifty little 50 mL sample bottle, but I also made sure to include the photo of the full-sized bottle I took at my original experience with this cognac. The glass is actually the same for both days, as Alex told us we could keep them as souvenirs. I do enjoy the shell theme of the bottle, very classy, elegant, a superb presentation. The regular 750 mL bottle certainly has distinct stature and commands attention! My mini, it's cool too, but it's what's inside that counts!

Great color. The bouquet is rich and intense. I basked in its scents for at least 15 minutes. Orange and vanilla with oak. Some wonderful baked goods that keep appearing, disappearing, then reappearing. Violets are also very much a part of this basket, even moreso as you take your time to enjoy this fine cognac.

Flavors are terrific. Orange and apricot, buttery texture with the oak, and a bit dry initially. A nice hazelnut flavor along with some spicy kick come next, accentuated by a little heat/faint burn from the alcohol (40%). Floral flavors come, plenty of that distinct violet, but again not right away, only after you take a few sips and the intensity starts to build.

Rich and soft flavors at the same time. Terrifically smooth. I wish I had more, for sure. Very enjoyable in every aspect! Definitely could be the spirit that will make you switch.

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