Monday, July 23, 2012

Glenmorangie The Nectar D'Or

Glenmorangie The Nectar D'Or will be the third Scotch I've tried from this distillery. My sampler pack also included The Original, The Lasanta, and the fourth I haven't tried yet, The Quinta Ruban. The Nectar D'Or is the expression extra matured for two additional years in Sauternes Casks. Oh, how I love Sauternes! It's my pocket that doesn't like them.

This bottle is the most expensive of the four, an $80 investment for a 750 mL bottle. Thus, I've never owned the big bottle or packaging to take nice photos like I did with the other two. But, my friends, I put on my thinking cap and sauntered down to Total Wine and made it my studio. Just for you! (Yes, I know those photos aren't spectacular). Imported by Moët Hennessy in New York, NY. 46% alcohol.

Beautiful, fruity sweet aroma. Apples and oranges and peaches and even a little tropical. Some cinnamon spiciness is capped off with a touch of honey. Wow! The fruits really pop in your mouth. After a great apple introduction, an explosion of juicy pineapples fills your mouth, working perfectly with the alcohol heat. Honey, flower nectar, jam. Just an awesome basket here.

Baking spices are also very noticeable and pleasant. Cinnamon flavors build and build as you keep sipping and last well into the finish. This was a great Scotch, and I love the sweet touch that was imparted by the Sauternes Casks. Definitely the spirit that will make you switch!

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