Friday, August 24, 2012

Baileys Original Irish Cream

I managed to squeeze in a tasting of Baileys Original Irish Cream before my wife polished off the 1.75 L jug we have here at the house. I guess that's not quite fair. I've had my share too! Baileys is such a wonderful easy-drinking liqueur that I'm not sure who can resist its deliciousness.

So you probably guessed that Baileys is a product of Ireland right? Did you know that over 75% of the raw materials and packaging used to craft the final product are also sourced from Ireland? Those include the fresh cream, Irish Whiskey (including from Bushmills Distillery), sugar cane and a proprietary chocolate. That's pretty cool, and there are many other sales and product information facts published on their website.

Personally, I love to drink Baileys on the rocks. But you can enjoy it straight or mixed in numerous ways. My wife and I are happy to testify how well it works as a mixer with your coffee as well. That combination is so perfect, in fact, that the Baileys name has been licensed to non-alcoholic coffee creamers (which I also think are great).

The bottle is a dark brown/almost black color making it very hard to see how much you have left. The front label depicts a stream running through some lush green hills. Perhaps that is a scene in Ireland near where Baileys is made. I see the Diageo name on the bottle, so I guess it's in their portfolio. Imported by Paddington, LTD, Norwalk, CT. 17% alcohol (34 proof).

What a beautiful, luscious, creamy aroma! The way the chocolate and vanilla scents dance on top of that is spectacular too. Nice whiskey nuances at the fringe are to die for. I can't help but think of cookies while I'm smelling this.

Creamy and milky texture spectacularly coats the entire mouth right from the start. The chocolate flavors are so rich and beautifully sweet. Some vanilla flavors dodge in an out, and the whiskey really wakes up your taste buds and puts a little warmth in your throat. The whiskey also is a perfect opposite, really cutting through the sweetness.

I started drinking this at room temperature, but there's something about the coldness that a few rocks brings to Baileys. It's very soothing and seems to make the alcohol warmth stand out even more. As the cubes melt, it also thins out the really rich body, not a bad thing. I guess it's all about preference.

Wonderfully fresh, something that I believe makes it stand out against all the other "generic" Irish Creams. This is a special drink. I love it. No wonder it's a top 10 brand worldwide in numerous categories. Definitely the spirit that will make you switch!

Nutritional Values of Baileys (from their website, based on 100 mL serving): Energy (Kcal/100ml) 327 Energy (kJ/100ml) 1361 Read this for an explanation;  Protein 3g; Total Carbohydrate 25g; Total Fat 13g Of which is Saturated Fat 8g; Cholesterol 0.04g; Sodium 0.08g; Dietary Fiber Nil; Sucrose 20g


  1. Did I shock you by saying that I like Baileys? hahaha! Either way, you described the taste perfectly. It's such a lovely sweet balance and it smells so yummy too. Lovely in cupcakes or other baked goodies!!

  2. Not really. Baileys in every country that allows alcohol and it's such an easy drinking and delicious treat that everyone can enjoy (except non drinkers, of course).