Monday, August 13, 2012

R.L. Seale's 10 Year Old Aged Rum

You guys remember when I was at that Total Wine Rum Class a few weeks ago, right? Great, well then you also remember that I walked out with my very own bottle of R.L. Seale's 10 Year Old Aged Rum. This rum is made and aged at the Foursquare Distillery in Barbados. Rum Examiner Robert Burr wrote that the aging is done in Bourbon barrels with additional aging done in Madeira and Brandy casks. Mmm.

So everyone has to make a comment about the bottle, right? Well, I'm going to as well. "Old crooked neck" looks like something a novice pottery maker might end up turning out. Like a really nice job with just a few imperfections, but definitely a keeper. Check out the bottle next to a straight lamp so you can see the bend. There is also a well-placed dent to help you grab the bottle when pouring. I'm 99% sure it was intentional, but like the commercial says, "If you don't know, you don't know!"

What else? In the center of the bottle label, a gold coin with a face on it says "Finest Aged Barbados Rum". A nod also goes to the West Indies heritage. 43% alcohol (86 proof). Imported by R.L Seale (USA) in Miami, Florida.

Nutty, buttery, sugar cookie kind of aroma. Soft maple and butterscotch, though not really sweet smelling. Quite pleasant.

Almonds and vanilla are the most noticeable initial flavors. Smooth, medium body. Nice warmth from the alcohol, a bit soothing. Butterscotch candy, though again, not sweet. I'd have actually liked to have been given slightly more sweetness.

Mellow and complex. Woody and dry finish. I think this would probably pair fantastically with some vanilla ice cream. The tag on the bottle refers to the rum having a butternut flavor. I totally taste the nuts and butter, though I can't say I've had a butternut before.

One more question. Does anyone know if the employees or visitors of the Foursquare Distillery check-in using Foursquare? LOL. That would be awesome! "At Foursquare. (4sq)" I asked Robert Burr on Twitter if perhaps he knows, and I will report any answer. (That's probably a good use of his time, right?) Anyway, nice rum, and for around $22 at Total Wine, you can find out if this is the spirit that will make you switch.

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