Friday, September 14, 2012

Original Bauer's Obstler

Today... My first Obstler. "Obst" means fruit, and an obstler is a fruit brandy. I'm trying the award-winning Original Bauer's Obstler made by Nannerl (Google Chrome is happy to translate for you) in Austria. This sample was provided to me by their US importer Wein-Bauer. I was told that the Bauer in this obstler name is the same Bauer as in Wein-Bauer.

My 1 L bottle has a swing-style cork attached. The label is very simple yet clean looking with a small colored contrast of an apple and pear. This obstler is made from a 70% apple and 30% pear blend. 40% alcohol.

Great pear and apple aroma. The website description suggesting a custard-like aroma is perfect. Think also of freshly-made doughnuts.

Wow. I wasn't quite expecting the initial sharpness on the palate. I guess I will attribute that to an aroma that was very much a fruity lullaby. Wonderful fruit flavors, apples and pears unsurprisingly are dominant. This is extremely dry as well.

The alcohol certainly provides some heat in the chest along with some spicy peppery jabs at the palate. Great texture. The violet and flowery aftertaste is quite pleasant. Check it out, perhaps as an after-dinner brandy as suggested by the company.


  1. Good Evening, I'm trying to find where to purchase (on line) the Bauer's Obsteler. Have already tired it....think it is outstanding and want to purchase more. My distributor does not have it and cannot get it. Can you point me in a direction???? Brenda Liston, Captain AV Nickels Inn, mid-Coast Maine.

    1. Here's the importer/distributor, the place to start.


    3. theliqorbarn has it too in the US. If you just google the name and click the Shopping tab you'll easily find it.