Thursday, September 27, 2012

Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Chris Morris Interview

Full is how you'd like your bottle of Woodford Reserve to be!
Back at the beginning of August, Total Wine's Education Director Greg Tuttle asked me if I'd like to interview Chris Morris from Woodford Reserve in honor of National Bourbon Heritage Month. I think I said something articulate like, "Um, duh!" It's no wonder that I was asked, right?

Chris is the Master Distiller of Woodford Reserve Bourbon and is also its Brand Ambassador. So I tried to come up with a set of interesting questions that stretched beyond the distillery. I'm pretty sure I came up with a few that aren't asked every day, too. Oh, and I also needed to try to outdo the interview Total Wine did with him last year! Surely you expected that of me!

The interview is published on the Total Wine Blog in two parts. Chris delivered an awesome interview: informative, entertaining, personal, and didn't let my hypothetical questions distract him. Start by enjoying Part 1 and follow the link to Part 2 from there. Or if you're a weirdo, go ahead and start with Part 2.

The picture above I stole from the Total Wine Facebook page. The post there was so popular that Greg tried to "friend" my FB "stalker" account. Don't hold your breath, Greg!

Anyway, I've also recently decided that Bourbon is my favorite. And if you don't believe me, this is what I'm up against at my house right now. Two empties of Woodford Reserve, a sad day in South Florida. I'm saving up for the 1.75 L big bottle now--a very impressive piece it is!

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