Sunday, November 11, 2012

Maker's Mark Bourbon

The wife and kids finally left for the park! Time to put my plan in place. Yep, I opened the Maker's Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky! This Bourbon is "Handmade" by the Maker's Mark Distillery at Star Hill Farm in Loretto, Kentucky. The distillery has been designated a National Historic Landmark, so be sure to check it out if you're in the area.

The bottle has a little story on it about the process they use to make their bourbon. The cap and neck are dipped in a red wax to finish the presentation. And finally the Maker's Mark, the S IV and Circle with Star, is added. You can find that mark on the label as well as as stamped into the glass. 90 Proof, 45% alcohol.

I like my Kentucky Straight Bourbon, well, straight. If you're a cocktail kind of person, though, Makers Mark has a handful that you can try. Let me know if you do that and which are your favorites.

Sweet, delicious aroma. Maple syrup and honey hang out with vanilla and oak. Very rich, the kind of aroma you make out with!

Oh, wow! Great bourbons always get me first sip. Wonderfully bold! Rich body and smooth. A beautiful sweetness is tempered by an excellent heat on the lips and tongue. Wonderful, gentle coating of the palate while still being powerful.

Maple syrup and caramel flavors are the first to come through, but within a few sips, this awesome rich, buttery pound cake flavor starts to build and repeat itself over and over. The finish is filled with vanilla and oak and some spiciness that carries long after each sip.

Great Bourbon! Recommended, and for $22 for a 750 mL bottle... need I say "duh"? I'm betting that if this is your first time with Maker's Mark, it will be the spirit that will make you switch!

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