Friday, January 9, 2015

Makers Mark Gets Festive

OK. Before the holidays really end, I'll show you a few more pictures. Maker's Mark has an Ambassador program that you guys should all sign up for! It's free, and they send you a bunch of business cards you can throw around at parties. And I believe your name will be stamped into one of the plates that is attached to a barrel of "your bourbon"!

For the past two years, as an Ambassador, Makers has sent me a little Christmas gift. Last year was the cap and this year the scarf. I bought a bottle and dressed it up before taking it with me on a road trip for my brother-in-law last month. While at their house in Atlanta, you can see I actually tried the scarf on in the cold temperatures! I left the cold-weather gear behind too because I don't need that shit in Miami!

Anyway, that's it. Maker's Mark is a nice bourbon and we almost kicked the bottle in just a few days. (We would have but I didn't want to drink all the gift, LOL).

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